Weekly Specials

Monday: Margherita Monday **
     1/2 price any size Margherita 

Tuesday: Two-Topping Tuesday
      Any 2 free toppings on large pizza

Wednesday: Pick your pasta Wednesday **
     25% off pasta or lasagna

Thursday: Get in the zone Thursday
      Up to 5 free toppings in a calzone for $7.99

Sunday:  Buy 2 large pizzas and get a free Garlic

       Cheese Bread or 2 Liter


** While supplies last


Seniors (65+), Military, Fort Collins Police, Fire Fighters and EMT: 15% off any order.

Slice Specials

Two Cheese Slices w/ Fountain Drink: $6.75

Two Pepperoni Slices w/ Fountain Drink: $7.25

Discounts Not Valid With Weekly/Slice Specials